P&C automotive with 3D metrology

Efficient Production at P&C Automotive Thanks to 3D Metrology

P&C Automotive, a European group of companies, optimizes its production processes using the ATOS Triple Scan system and benefits from competitive advantages due to shortened development times. P&C...

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3D printing is revolutionizing roadways as well as airplanes

Much anticipation has been built around the future of the automotive and aerospace industries in the wake of recent advancements in 3D-printing technologies. But what’s often overlooked is the way 3D...

peak production 3d printing sm

3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures Optimizing Auto and Aero Design

This has enabled the company to ramp up production to meet the most aggressive turnaround times requested by customers.

BMW uses automated metrology

BMW uses automated measuring tech to generate 3D data model of upcoming 5 Series sedan

The BMW Group has introduced a unique system concept with a fully-automated, optical measuring cell in its pilot plant in Munich.

ful-field comparison with CAD data

Combining CAD/CAM, simulation and optical metrology for faster tool try - out

By combining CAD/CAM,simulation and 3D optical metrology, Bernecker makes drastic reduction in iteration loops

3D printed Car accessory

Honda Access takes Car Accessory Customization with 3D Printing

3D printing plays a crucial role in prototyping and developing car accessory, enabling Honda Access to satisfy unique customer's demands.

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