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3d printed implants

Dental Implants Get a Guiding Hand from 3D Printing!

Dentists use a 3D printed surgical guide that precisely fits the shape of the mouth and gums to ensure the drill is exactly aligned over the right spot.

mẫu răng in 3d

APEX Achieves Complete Digital Workflow With 3D Printing

With an Objet 3D Printer, APEX Dental Milling Center was able to realize a complete digital workflow for in-house fabrication of models of any size or shape.

khung chỉ dẫn phẫu thuật răng 3d

Guide 3D_Its not brain surgery

By using the Objet Eden 3D Printer Guide3D realized a complete digital workflow for in-house fabrication of surgical guides and present a greater variety of dental solutions to its clients.

in hàm răng giả

Udell_Bridging Dental Cost With Objet Eden 260V

The time required to print a typical removable partial dental frame is reduced by 80 percent, which makes it possible to complete the partial denture framework in a day and a half.

cosmetic dental improment with 3d printing

Remedent grows its cosmetic dentistry dental business with 3d printing

Objet 3D Printing Systems have the potential to change the way modern dentistry is practiced. 3D printed models are among tools to design those irresistible smiles, helping Remedent improve cosmetic...

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