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Pioneer in providing Industrial 3D Solutions

in Vietnam

Founded in 2005, AIE is your dedicated and trusted partner for industrial-grade 3D solutions in Vietnam. With strong product portfolio of 3D printing, 3D scanning & inspection and 3D softwares from the industry leaders in the world, our tech-savvy team is committed to finding the right solutions that tackle your engineering challenges and set you apart from your competitors.

Our solutions can support you through the entire design to manufacturing process, from prototypes to end-use parts.

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Industrial-grade 3D solutions

Máy đo 3D - Hoạt động tiêu biểu

3D Scan

More than 10,000 GOM 3D measuring systems have been installed world-wide and help to improve product quality, accelerate product development and manufacturing processes for companies in automotive, aerospace, consumer goods industries, as well as research institutes and universities.

3D Printer Ava

3d print

AIE provides a wide range of 3D printing technologies such as FDM, Polyjet, SLA, ADAM, SLM with various materials (PLA, ABS, TPU, Resin, Metals, ect..) to help customers shorten R&D time significantly, or can even 3D print tooling and fixtures for immediate use in production processes.

3D software Ava

3d softwares

AIE is the official distributor of powerful 3D softwares such as Solidworks, Creo (CAD 3D design),  Geomagic Design X (reverse engineering), Hypermill (machining software), Cast-Designer (gating system design and upfront simulation software for casting process).

die casting ava

Other technology solutions

Beside 3D solutions, we are happy to bring to you Die Casting systems from Frech (Germany) or measurement systems for diagnostic and research into fluid/solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray analysis and combustion technology from Dantec Dynamics.

High-end 3DTech Services

3D Print

All you need to prepare is CAD files, we can 3D print parts in different materials upon request for precision, resolution, dimensions and mechanical properties.

Reverse Engineering

We provide high quality reverse engineering service to help you quickly get precise 3D data of any products.

3D Scan

With GOM’s industrial 3D scanning systems, we provide fast and precise 3D digitizing service for objects of all geometries, dimensions and materials


We offer trainings on 3D equipment and softwares that we provide, from basic to advanced level even when customers do not have buying plans of equipment yet.

Precise 3D Inspection

Our precise 3D inspection service can help you recognize the difference in geometries and dimensions of 3D objects when compared with CAD designs, hence, speed up production and save manufacturing cost.

Equipment Rental

AIE provides trainings and rental service of 3D technology equipment to customers whom are not ready for investment but still in urgent need.

Why us?


Our team of experts is committed to be with you through the entire process, from offering the most effective solutions to equipment installation, training and technology transfer as well as after-sales service.


Quality is our top concern. With set of high-end 3D solutions, we support manufacturing companies in Vietnam to become industry leaders by significantly improving production competence.


“Dedication” is our guideline to work with customers and grow our business.

Authorized distributor of


High production cost

Low product quality, high rejection

Challenges in product development (degign, prototype, etc.)

Challenges in product quality control

Low production competence

Competitors are going fast and strong, threaten your company’s position in the market

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