3D print hands-free door openers, reduce the odds of further passing on COVID-19

Door handles are among the most germ-infested objects in houses, hospitals, factories, nursing homes, and businesses of all kinds. We stand with Materialise behind their mission to build a better and healthier world, which is why we’re sharing free design files that enable you to 3D print hands-free door openers.

Careful analyses by risk prevention advisors on how viruses spread confirm that we can reduce the odds of further passing on COVID-19. Let’s work together to stop the spread!

Get yours and stop spreading germs!

Our design files are free for anyone to download on our website, making it possible to 3D print locally at home or factories around the world. Or, visit our i.materialise shop to order the openers with screws included.

Hands free door opener technical

Materialise designed the handle with easy installation in mind. The easy-to-use openers don’t require drilling holes or replacing your door’s handle. Setting it up is simple: all you have to do is fasten two 3D-printed pieces together with screws over your existing handle.

If you know how to design for 3D printing and would like to adapt the files to fit over other door handle types, we encourage you to create your own and share with the world.

We also designed a sticker to be placed on doors with the openers. This sticker shows a basic illustration of how the device should be used along with the rationale that it is there to prevent people from spreading germs.

Contact Our 3Dtech Services to get hands free door opener today.


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