A Strong Alliance in the Fight Against Coronavirus COVID-19

With our Additive Alliance Against Corona we would like to establish support and develop all kinds of activities in the fight against the impact due to the COVID-19 virus. We want to combine the efforts of the Additive Manufacturing industry by connecting the players in the market and coordinating possible aid measures e.g. if you need support to fill a gap in your supply chain.

Công nghệ in 3D vs Covid 19

Leveraging 3D-Printing During A Crisis

Mẫu in 3D kim loại

One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is the rapid response time in being able to produce a product. COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly and we need fast solutions to save valuable time. With our patented multi-laser technology we are able to produce important high-quality components e.g. mold construction or plastic injection tooling in only a few days. Conventional manufacturing processes often need several months to provide the required part.

Let’s Work Together

Máy in 3D kim loại SLM 280

We believe this is a time to be united. We would like to offer use of our many years of expertise, our existing resources and our network to actively contribute to overcoming the COVID-19 crisis. If you need any kind of support, want to share your ideas, skills, expertise and networks please fill out the contact form. This is your open invitation to join forces with us in leveraging metal additive manufacturing in any way we can to beat the COVID-19 virus.


Student Design Challenge Against Corona

We call on all students to submit their product or industrial design ideas that could help fight the COVID-19 virus. Please fill out the contact form and be part of our Additive Alliance Against Corona.

The best or most helpful design will be built on an SLM® metal additive machine, and the winner will receive an award.

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