ATOS Triple Scan - Industrial Optical 3D Digitizer

ATOS Triple Scan is a high resolution, optical digitizer that delivers rapid and precise three-dimensional measuring data by measuring millions of points per single scan. It is effectively applied for the optimization of design processes, thereby improving industrial production processes.

The ATOS Triple Scan can measure shiny surfaces as well as complex components with deep pockets or fine edges (i.e. airfoils, turbine blades, etc). The Triple Scan functionality reduces the number of individual scans required resulting in faster measurement times with high detailed feature capture for various part sizes, surfaces, finishes, and geometries, regardless of environmental lighting conditions.

ATOS sensors are used in many industries for the inspection of parts such as sheet metals, tools and dies, turbine blades, prototypes and injection molded and pressure die-cast parts.


The ATOS Triple Scan operates as 3 sensors in 1 system. Each high quality optical camera works independently from one another thus capturing accurate 3D scans from the left, right, and both cameras with high resolution feature detail.  This advanced functionality maximizes data collection and improves scanning of shiny surfaces.  Additionally, it minimizes the number of scans, thus reducing the overall measurement time.

ATOS Triple Scan


 Together with both cameras, the projection unit operates according to the triple scan principle. During the measurement, precise fringe patterns are projected onto the surface of the object and are recorded by two cameras, based on the stereo camera principle. This automatic principle offers advantages in measuring reflective surfaces or objects with complex indentations.


The ATOS Triple Scan is also equipped with blue light technology. The narrowband blue light enables precise measurements to be carried out independently of environmental lighting conditions.


In GOM’s automated measuring machines, ATOS sensors can be operated together with the Plus Box. The latter is a photogrammetric add-on sensor which can be directly attached to the ATOS system. This enables fully automated measuring of reference point markers with a deviation of 3 μm to 30 μm. These reference point markers create a 3D volume, into which the detailed individual measurements of the ATOS sensors are transformed automatically. This is how the overall accuracy of the overarching photogrammetric measurement is achieved.


The sensor recognizes changing ambient conditions during operation and is able to compensate these changes. To do so, the software of the sensor is continuously monitoring the calibration status, the transformation accuracy, environmental changes and part movements to ensure the quality of the measuring data.


The virtual measuring room (VMR) is the central control station and measurement planning software for all elements of the ATOS measuring cells. It offers the functional representation of a real measurement environment in a virtual simulation. Due to the VMR, the user can work with the system without the requirement for specific robot programming skills. All robot movements are simulated and checked for safety before being performed in the virtual measuring room.


The ATOS Professional evaluation software provides all necessary tools for a comprehensive analysis of parts and components. Using parametric inspection, all actions and evaluation steps are completely traceable and interlinked. Thus, changes and modifications are possible at any time.

ATOS Triple Scan - Máy quét 3D độ phân giải cao ứng dụng đo các vật thể có kích thước từ nhỏ tới lớn

High Resolution 3D Scanner for small to large objects

ATOS uses high resolution measuring cameras with up to 16 megapixel resolution and specially developed optics for precise measurement. The accuracy, resolution, and measuring area can be all modified to suit the application requirements. Measuring volumes range from 38mm to 2m.  This flexibility allows measurement of a large part spectrum with the same sensor head, and when used in combination with TRITOP, the ATOS System is capable of scanning parts of over 30m with detailed resolution and high data quality.



ATOS Triple Scan can be extended with a Plus Box photogrammetry add-on in the ATOS ScanBox models of series 5, 6, 7 and 8.. This allows bigger components  or multiple parts to be measured.

ATOS Triple Scan - Ứng dụng đo lường 3D tự động


Manually, ATOS Triple Scan is used with a studio stand or a desk stand. For the semi-automatic use, a 3-axis motorization kit, including a lift module for the sensor and a Tilt and Swivel Unit for the fixture, is available. Mobile rotation tables enable simple automated measurement of small to medium objects. Furthermore the GOM Touch Probe allows point-based measurement of areas that are difficult to access optically.

ATOS Triple Scan - Ứng dụng đo lường 3D di động

Application notes

Find out more about the practical use of ATOS and take a look at all ATOS application notes.



System Configurations

Camera pixels

Minimum measuring area

Maximum measuring area

Working distance

ATOS II Triple Scan

2 x 5 000 000

38 x 29 mm2

2,000 x 1,500 mm2

490 - 2,000 mm

ATOS III Triple Scan

2 x 8 000 000

38 x 29 mm2

2,000 x 1,500 mm2

490 - 2,000 mm

ATOS Triple Scan 16M

2 x 16 000 000

170 x130 mm2

810 x 610 mm2

440 - 800 mm

Sensor controller

Cable length

Sensor positioning

Part positioning

Image processing computer

Operating system

Material & part finish

Ambient lighting

Environmental vibrations

Operating temperature

Power supply


up to 30 m

industrial sensor stand or automation robot

manual or automated rotation table

Laptop or high-end PC


Measurement of shiny and dark surfaces, and complex component geometries

Low sensitivity to environment lighting conditions

Unaffected due to GOM's dynamic referencing system

5 - 40°C, non-condensing

90 - 230 V AC

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