Optical 3D measuring system improves the 3D printing process

Optical 3D measuring system brings many benefits for addictive manufacturing GOM’s work on the engine front cover of a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado ably demonstrates the value of optical metrology in the 3D printing process. Leading companies have already made the switch to optical metrology for quality assurance in traditional manufacturing processes such as plastic injection…

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Fewer Loops for Better Tools Using Optical 3D Measuring System

Oechsler: Fewer Loops for Better Tools Site/ Country: Ansbach / Germany GOM System: ATOS Triple Scan, GOM Inspect Company’s field of work: Injection molding and plastic industries Oechsler is a traditional company from the Franconia region of Bavaria, German, that continuously works to improve its process chains. By using an optical 3D measuring system, the plastics specialist has…

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3D Printed Pneumatic Clamping System

Markforged Application Library – Pneumatic Clamping System

  Additive and Robotic Manufacturing — or AaRM — started out distributing aluminum to customers in Victoria, Australia. The business rapidly scaled, and their customers frequently requested short lead times, leaving little to no time to fabricate custom tooling. The AaRM team started experimenting with 3D printing jigs and fixtures in PLA material, but they…

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3D Printed Laser Welding Fixtures

Markforged Application Library- Laser Welding Fixture

  Primetall German-based Primetall offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailor-made from high-quality stainless steel. They work closely with their customers to provide the absolute best service. By bringing consulting, design, and production under the same roof, they offer shorter timelines, better service, and more know-how. Their products have a reputation for precision, quality, and…

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Multi-Part Inspection in Production with Automated 3D Measuring System

Forges de Courcelles: Multi-Part Measurement in Production Site/Country: Nogent (52) / France GOM systems: ATOS ScanBox 5120, ATOS II Triple Scan and ATOS Triple Scan 12M GOM software: ATOS XL Professional VMR, GOM Inspect Professional VMR Sector: Forging Forges de Courcelles is a forging company based in the Haute-Marne department of the Grand-Est region in…

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