Colibrium Additive debuts Spectra M

25 June 2024, Los Angeles, United States – Colibrium Additive – a GE Aerospace company –unveiled the Spectra M—the latest addition to its Spectra portfolio of electron beam melting (EB-PBF) printers. The Spectra M can be ordered now, with first deliveries expected in early Q1 2025. 

The Spectra M responds to interest from additive manufacturers in a smaller build volume EB-PBF printer, without compromising the freedom of design and productivity benefits offered by electron beam melting technology. Colibrium Additive has been developing a smaller build volume printer for some time, building on the technology and productivity gains achievable on its Spectra technology platform. 

Its smaller build volume makes the Spectra M an attractive option for additive users in most industries, but especially for medical and orthopedic implant manufacturers looking to further reduce cost-per-part and additive production costs.

“Having the largest installed base of highly experienced, long-standing users provides invaluable insight and help is constantly evolving our portfolio to provide EB-PBF technologies that fulfil their specific requirements as they continue to scale their additive manufacturing operations. Spectra M is in direct response to constant dialogue with our customers, particularly those additive super users in the orthopedic implant industry,” said Oscar Angervall, senior product manager, Colibrium Additive.

The Spectra M comes equipped with EBMControl 6.4, also launched at RAPID + TCT 24, and is fully compatible with Point Melt, Powder Supports, and Plate Free technology. Depending on their application, customers can choose between a high productivity theme or an advanced Point Melt-based process theme, to enables truly support-free printing without compromising surface roughness or mechanical properties. 

Machine Specifications

BUILD ENVELOPE: Ø270 x 430 mm.


AVAILABLE MATERIALS: Ti6Al4V Grade 5 and Ti6Al4V Grade 23


High resolution images are available from the Colibrium Additive media relations team.

About Colibrium Additive

Colibrium Additive, a GE Aerospace company, is a trusted leader in providing 3D printers, powders, and services for industrial scale metal additive manufacturing. We empower our customers to design and build innovative new products that solve manufacturing challenges and improve business outcomes.

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