Introducing the most versatile tool for your factory floor

FX10™ is Markforged’s next generation industrial composite 3D printer — the result of years of engineering innovation. Its sole purpose is to deliver strong, accurate parts every print.

Unlock strong parts on demand

FX10 prints continuous carbon fiber reinforced parts for a wide range of factory floor applications — helping manufacturers increase speed to market, slash fabrication and inventory costs, and de-risk line down events.

Print the right part every time

We designed every aspect of FX10 — from its motion system to the software that powers it — around delivering accurate, strong parts reliably. Backed by Simulation and Inspection software, FX10 can produce verified parts that meet stringent factory floor requirements.

Drive ROI fast, then scale

FX10 operates on the Digital Forge: Markforged’s additive platform that features intuitive device and desktop software, training, and built-in cost calculation. You can start generating ROI on day one and effortlessly scale to more teams, machines, and facilities.


Vision Module and Laser Micrometer

FX10 features two print head mounted optical sensors. The laser micrometer powers Inspection — in-print dimensional validation — and machine calibration while the new Vision Module will capture detailed images of calibration parts to determine and optimize printer performance.

Advanced Material Chamber

An inboard material chamber stores four spools in individually sealed compartments and supports auto material changeover and fast spool loading, reducing user intervention.


Large Touchscreen

FX10 features a 7” touchscreen. Users can start builds, monitor machine status, manually control the machine, and start automated calibration routines all in one place.

Heated Build Chamber and Vacuum Bed

The FX10 has a large chamber that heats to 60 °C, useful for printing high-quality parts at high speed. The aluminum vacuum bed is also heated and utilizes precision-machine grooves that are scanned by the laser micrometer for calibration.

The most advanced printer we’ve ever built.

About the FX10

FX10 is Markforged’s next generation industrial composite 3D printer — the result of years of engineering innovation and technological advancement. Built on the success of the Markforged X7, its sole purpose is to deliver strong, accurate parts every print. FX10 features a new modular architecture that’s designed for upgradability and print head-mounted optical sensors that can verify dimensional accuracy of parts and assess device health and performance. It utilizes automatic calibration and material changeover, yielding a simple, low-touch user experience that mitigates the need for dedicated operators. Markforged software controls every aspect of FX10 — so users can quickly go from CAD to print, share parts across their organization, and monitor fleet performance from a central location. FX10 is the versatile tool that supercharges your manufacturing productivity and profitability.


Physical Dimensions

Width 760mm
Depth 640mm
Height 1200mm
Weight 109kg (240lbs)

Build Volume

Width 375mm
Depth 300mm
Height 300mm
Printing Process
Fused Filament Fabrication, Continuous Fiber Reinforcement
Z Layer Resolution
125µm to 250µm
Printing Media
Polymer Filament, Continuous Fibers
Internal Part Geometry
Closed Cell Infill with Continuous Fiber Reinforcement
Print Bed
Precision Machined Aluminum

FX10 Materials


Functional parts, made easy.

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