Seminar “Improving quality management for mold manufacturing industry with 3D measuring technology”

On September 26th, Advanced Industry & Education Equipments Co., Ltd held a seminar “Improving quality management for mold manufacturing industry with 3D measuring technology” in Ho Chi Minh City which aims to introduce more effective solutions for mold quality control.

The seminar attracted more than 50 guests including leaders and technical staff of over 30 mold manufacturing enterprises and science-technology organizations.



Currently, supporting industries and manufacturing industries are given special attention by the government. In the field of precision mechanical engineering, mold engineering is evaluated as a core engineering discipline of the manufacturing industry. With the ability to create products in large quantities, short production times, and high levels of stability, mold products are indispensable tools in many industrial production sectors as aerospace and electronic products…

The mold industry has been experiencing remarkable growth over the years. Althought this industry is an automated industry with complex technical requirements and high precision, it still has many limitations in terms of human resources and technology. However, mold manufacturing technology is still transferred slowly, lack of modern equipment and machinery, overlap between new and old technology and affecting production efficiency. These things cause mold products to not meet the requirements for accuracy, difficulty, durability and complexity, causing a significant impact on the development of the business.


The seminar introduced 3D automation measurement solutions from Carl Zeiss including ATOS Q, Scan 1 and ScanBox Series 5 and performed live demos at the seminar. Zeiss products are highly appreciated for their quality and flexible application in measuring and controlling product manufacturing quality as well as the entire production process, including mold making. Representatives of businesses using 3D scanners from Carl Zeiss presented the effectiveness of the device when applied in their production processes.


Technical experts from AIE and guests attending the seminar discussed modern solutions mentioned at the seminar. These are all devices that are expected to bring many practical values, contributing to improving mold human resources and increasing access to the global production chain for Vietnamese enterprises.


This seminar has brought many opportunities to connect and promote cooperation between many mold manufacturing enterprises in the Southern region of Vietnam, contributing to improving productivity and product quality in the mold industry.


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