Markforged Application Library-Conveyor Belt Guide

Delphic Company has been successfully 3D printed Conveyor Belt Guide. The 3D printed parts helped to reduce cost, lead time and still assure the specification of products.

3D printed Conveyor Belt Guide


Upcoming problems of Delphic

Delphic is a Singapore-based contract manufacturer with a multinational reach: they support 20 countries from Asia-Pacific to Europe and America. As is the case with many shops like theirs, they are limited by both manpower bandwidth and machine capacity. They decided to invest in the Markforged platform to expand their production capabilities while easing the workloads on their existing machinery. Markforged 3D printers could effectively produce products that would have previously needed to be machined.

3D printed conveyor belt guide has many advantages

Before partnering with Markforged, this part would have been machined from multiple pieces of aluminum stock and welded together, requiring the attention of three different technicians over seven days. With no previous 3D printing experience, Delphic successfully printed the part from carbon fiber-reinforced Onyx in just 36 hours with no additional labor required. The 3D printed component was strong enough for the application and cost three times less. As a result, the customer got a higher quality part into their hands faster, building trust in Delphic.

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