Optical Metrology providing benefits to ship-building industries

Reverse Engineering for Repair and Overhauls

triptop in use

Today an intelligent combination of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship is required to make ship construction and maintenance successful, safe and financially viable. Precision and cost-efficiency in the shipbuilding industry can be enhanced with high-end CAD programs and optical measurement systems. GOM’s TRITOP digital measurement system supports the rapid manufacturing of spare parts with modern CAD/CAM systems and CNC machines, reducing the time ships spend in dry dock from months to just days. Optical 3D metrology from GOM is used to improve the efficiency and precision of repair and reconstruction work in this sector.

Hull Assemblies and Interior Compartments

measured 3D coordinator

Using GOM’s TRITOP system represents not only a major breakthrough in efficient and accurate 3D modeling of hull assemblies. The system measures not only the outside body shell but also generates measurements on small interior compartments that are not readily accessible. Since spaces within the ship’s hull are often extremely narrow, obtaining reliable measurements can be a major challenge. However, GOM systems can be used to create a 3D design of the compartment geometry within a few hours. The 3D data is then used as direct input for CAD systems, making units easy to design, build and integrate smoothly into existing compartment structures.

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Source: www.gom.com

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