Other Technology Solutions

Beside 3D solutions, we are happy to bring to you Die Casting systems from Frech (Germany) or measurement systems for diagnostic and research into fluid/solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray analysis and combustion technology from Dantec Dynamics.

Máy đúc áp lực Frech - Giải pháp công nghệ khác

Frech Die Casting Machines

Frech offers zinc, magnesium and aluminium castings tailor-made solutions for the manufacturing of different castings - from very small up to engine blocks or body parts.

Dantec Dynamics - Giải pháp công nghệ khác

Dantec Dynamics

Dantec Dynamics specializes in the development, manufacture and application support of measurement systems that acquire and analyze data of physical properties in fluids and in solid structures.

Thiết bị đào tạo công nghệ - Giải pháp công nghệ khác

Technology Training Equipment

With 16 years of experience in consulting and providing educational training equipment, AIE has been trusted partner of various universities and research institutes in Vietnam. We provide products of big brands such as Amatrol, Boxford, Cussons, Intelitek.

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