Presenting Markforged’s Latest Breakthrough

The Brand-New FX10 and VEGA Material

We are trilled to introduce the new FX10.
The most versatile tool designed for the factory floor.

Continuing the legacy of Markforged’s dependable printers renowned for their strength and accuracy, the FX10 is engineered to elevate manufacturing line productivity and profitability to unprecedented heights.

The 5th Generation Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR) print system featured in the FX10 ensures superior print quality within a heated print chamber. This advancement enables print speeds nearly twice as fast and print sizes up to twice as large as previous Markforged industrial series printers. 

Join us on December 6th for an enlightening webinar where we’ll explore the vast possibilities and transformative capabilities of the new FX10.

Our experts will share their expertise and support to guide your seamless transition into smart manufacturing. Reserve your spot now.

New Vega material

We have released the new Vega material.

Vega is an ultra-high-performance material designed for 3D Printing Aerospace components on Markforged’s FX20 printer. The new carbon fiber-filled PEKK can save weight, cost, and lead time by replacing aluminum. 

Vega builds upon Markforged’s material expertise and proven track record of engineering chopped carbon fiber-filled polymers that deliver strength, precision, and surface quality. Markforged developed Vega to be compatible with the FX20’s Continuous Fiber Reinforcement technology to deliver aluminum-strength parts.


Join the APAC Live Session where you will:

  • Learn the specs and features of the FX10 during a live machine tour.
  • Understand how FX10 enables manufacturers to make end-use parts, tooling, and fixtures with the strength of machined aluminum and smooth surface finish – all with a click of a button.
  • Get access to an exclusive live Q&A with the USA-based FX10 team.
FX10 Machine Tour - Presenters

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