SLM 500

As the first quad-laser system on the market, the SLM®500 serves as the flagship additive manufacturing system for high volume metal additive manufacturing to ensure operator safety and lower overall operational costs. Likewise, the integrated SLM® Build Processor and open software architecture offer the freedom of controlling system parameters to optimize and meet strict production needs. Featuring a 500 x 280 x 365 mm build chamber and configurable with two or four overlapping lasers with power ratings from 800 to a full 2800 Watts, the SLM®500 offers a system tailored to best meet your specific industrial metal 3D printing requirements. Quad laser optics can increase build rates by 90% over twin laser configurations. Gas flow is essential to removing soot from the process chamber, especially for long-duration builds and the optimized gas flow on all systems produces complex components with the highest density and top surface quality.

The SLM®500’s patented closed-loop transport of metal powder increases operator safety and eliminates time-consuming manual fills and powder handling. To further reduce ancillary times, the automatic powder sieving procedure does not interfere with the parallel-running build process. The finished build cylinder is transported out of the system. Cooling and removal of excess powder takes place inside the part removal station (PRS), so that the next build process can begin immediately. Comprehensive process monitoring modules, Laser Power Monitoring and Melt Pool Monitoring, are available to ensure transparency and traceability.  


Considered Best-in-Class with a build speed of 55 ccm/h Twin | 105 ccm/h Quad

Achieve faster, cost-efficient builds for larger complex parts

Unique twin or quad laser technology

  • 500 x 280 x 365 mm build envelope
  • 2 standard 400W Fiber Lasers
  • Option to add 2 additional 400W (total of 4-quad lasers)
  • Integrate various types of lasers independently OR in parallel

Lower production cost for high volume metal parts with material saving and efficient closed-loop powder handling

Increase build speeds with patented bi-directional loader

Adapter for higher platform temperatures

Open software architecture & system parameters

Optimized laminated gas flow and re-circulation


This titanium brake caliper weighs only 2,9kg,40% lighter than its machined aluminum counterpart. In total, it is made of 2,213 layers in 45 hours printing - capable of withstanding up to 125 kg per square millimeter before breaking. This brake caliper is 3D printed on SLM 500 with 4 fiber lasers.

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