SLM 800

With an extended z-axis build envelope measuring 500 x 280 x 850 mm and available in a quad-laser configuration with four 400 W or 700 W lasers, the SLM®800 efficiently builds large components at up to 171cm3/h. This efficient build rate and large build envelope, combined with integrated powder handling and the design freedom afforded by selective laser melting, open new possibilities for large-scale production parts.

A clean process chamber is essential to successful builds with acceptable mechanical properties, especially in a process chamber where longer build times increase the amount of soot in the chamber. The optimized inert gas flow of the SLM®800 efficiently removes soot from the build chamber, ensuring excellent process conditions.

SLM800_Small size

With a continuous stream through a sintered chamber wall, the enhanced gas flow creates constant conditions at the work surface as well as protecting the beam entry glass from contamination to not hinder the lasers. The SLM®800 is also equipped with a Permanent Filter Module to further maintain a clean process chamber resulting in consistent atmosphere conditions that ensure optimal build quality. Comprehensive process monitoring modules, Laser Power Monitoring and Melt Pool Monitoring, are available to ensure process transparency and documentation.

Offered with a manual unpacking station for single-machine setups, the SLM®800 combined with the SLM®HUB fully automated handling station maximizes machine uptime and offers a no-contact powder solution for production processes.


This titanium brake caliper weighs only 2,9kg,40% lighter than its machined aluminum counterpart. In total, it is made of 2,213 layers in 45 hours printing - capable of withstanding up to 125 kg per square millimeter before breaking. This brake caliper is 3D printed on SLM 500 with 4 fiber lasers.