Fewer Loops for Better Tools Using Optical 3D Measuring System

Oechsler: Fewer Loops for Better Tools Site/ Country: Ansbach / Germany GOM System: ATOS Triple Scan, GOM Inspect Company’s field of work: Injection molding and plastic industries Oechsler is a traditional company from the Franconia region of Bavaria, German, that continuously works to improve its process chains. By using an optical 3D measuring system, the plastics specialist has…

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ARAMIS phân tích chuyển vị và biến dạng

Optical 3D Metrology Systems Improve Safety and Comfort

Automotive Testing: Optical 3D Metrology Improves Safety and Comfort GOM Measuring System: ARAMIS, TRITOP, GOM Touch Probe Keywords: Automotive, Crash Testing, Static and Dynamic Deformation, Simulation Verification, Optical 3D Metrology, 6DoF Analyses During crash tests with dummies or airbags, non­contact measurements are needed to avoid distorted measuring results and to measure data quickly. Thus, optical…

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hệ thống đo 3d quang học tự động atos scanbox trong ngành công nghiệp ô tô

Forges of success thanks to the automated optical 3D measuring system

Optical 3D measuring system brings innovation in the automotive industry To maintain their position in a competitive market, automotive suppliers must produce high-quality products reliably and quickly – in the face of considerable price pressure. French company Forges de Courcelles, which produces crankshafts for well-known car manufacturers like Renault and Volkswagen, is responding to industry…

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Lợi ích của máy quét ánh sáng xanh ATOS so với máy CMM

Benefits of ATOS Blue Light Scanner versus a CMM Machine

Benefits of ATOS Blue Light Scanner versus a CMM Machine Optical 3D metrology technology is becoming more and more popular Optical metrology, including structured light scanners like ATOS, is quickly revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Many of the leading companies in the aerospace and automotive industries rely heavily on optical metrology in order to verify parts. Structured light scanners have…

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Multi-Part Inspection in Production with Automated 3D Measuring System

Forges de Courcelles: Multi-Part Measurement in Production Site/Country: Nogent (52) / France GOM systems: ATOS ScanBox 5120, ATOS II Triple Scan and ATOS Triple Scan 12M GOM software: ATOS XL Professional VMR, GOM Inspect Professional VMR Sector: Forging Forges de Courcelles is a forging company based in the Haute-Marne department of the Grand-Est region in…

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